New Zealand Glass Standard Advisor Network

The Glass Association of New Zealand conducts examinations in the practical understanding of the New Zealand Standard for glazing in Buildings.

Graduates must attain a 100% pass mark in written examinations on the practical interpretation of NZS4223:Part 3:1999.

The examination is an independent attestation that the graduates are, at the time of the examination, conversant with the requirements of the above Standard.

Producer Statements authored by graduates have a high level of credibility and are recommended to TA's as the preferred source.

Territorial Authorities, Architects and Designers can contact the graduates for assistance with the interpretation of complex glazing issues and requests for assistance with training sessions.

GANZ is continuing to expand the network of advisors and this list will continue to expand as new graduates become available.

GANZ records its thanks to the member companies that sponsor their employees into this programme.


Register of Graduates of the New Zealand Glass Standard Advisor Certificate.